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What an adventure this has been... as I began full time marketing of my photography work in early 2012, I continue to be simply amazed at the doors that are opening.  My goal in posting blogs will be to share with you additional photos and thoughts about the people and places that my work is taking me. 

Please enjoy each of these special memories, they are dear to someone's heart and are truly blessings from our Lord.  To Him be the glory in all that I do.

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden Photo Contest

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When my photographer friend Jennie shared a Facebook link for the Garden Club of South Carolina photography contest at the Pearl Fryar Topiary Gardens in Bishopville SC, we both were grabbing our cameras and ready for a quick Sunday morning road trip. 

After the 'tradition' of stopping at the nearby Waffle House, landscaped with several of Mr. Fryar's work, we were greeted bright and early by Mr. Fryar and welcomed to tour the garden and yard surrounding his home.   Such a quiet and gentle man ~ slipping back into his home as quietly as he came out, allowing us to enjoy the serenity of the gardens he has created.

For the next two hours we explored every angle of his creations and marveled at how he could make a tree or shrub that wasn't suppose to be 'topiary material' work into the shapes we were seeing.  His work seemed to go on and on, not a space left uncovered without some special metal addition, wind chime or water fall to add to the perfectly trimmed hedges.

Our visit and our photos were quiet different from the normal children and wildlife  photography that I enjoy the most and the landscape and architectural photography that Jennie leans toward.  But homeward bound with the assignment from the Garden Club of submitting up to three photos without descriptions, only a title in the categories of:

The Garden, The Message, and The Man.

I hope you will enjoy my interpretation of Mr. Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden ~


 ~Peaceful Perfection~


Peaceful PerfectionPeaceful Perfection

~Symmetrical Silence~

Symmetrical SilenceSymmetrical Silence

~You Shall Be Like A Watered Garden ~

You Shall Be Like a Watered GardenYou Shall Be Like a Watered Garden


~Sunshine In My Heart~

Sunshine In My HeartSunshine In My Heart

~Love Binds Us Together~

Love Binds Us TogetherLove Binds Us Together

~Faith Plants the Seed, Love Makes It Grow~

Faith Plants the Seeds, Love Makes Them GrowFaith Plants the Seeds, Love Makes Them Grow


~Through My Minds Eyes~

Through My Mind's EyesThrough My Mind's Eyes

~I Shall Watch Over You~

I Shall Watch Over YouI Shall Watch Over You

~I Will Pour Water on a Thirsty Land~

I Will Pour Water On A Thirsty LandI Will Pour Water On A Thirsty Land

All started from a few tossed out seedlings and a desire to have a 'Yard of the Month'...

Yet now, a much deeper meaning to those who visit.  Mr. Fryar shows those from the young to the elderly that you

never give up on your dreams!

Additional photos of the garden can be viewed under the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in the Galleries Section.






As For Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord

May 28, 2017  •  1 Comment

Last summer when I moved from Aiken to Lake Murray, I knew my photography business would take a hit during and afterward as I worked to re-establish myself in a very competitive market of anyone who has a camera is a photographer.  Then add an unplanned surgery and three months of recovery before I could even begin to market my services... and the fall holidays were approaching fast!  But one day while browsing the Newberry Online Yard Sale site, I saw a "looking for photographer" listing that caught my eye. Here I had moved from Aiken, which is considered Horse Country with lots of beautiful white fences, barns, and beautiful horse to the sunny and reflective shores of Lake Murray... yet what did the listing ask for?  

"looking for a photographer to take pictures of our family including two dogs out in the country, in the woods, or even with a barn. Do you know of a location and can you do this?"

Kinda ironic isn't it?  Knowing I can't run this family back to Aiken, I set out to learn my way around my new area to find a location suitable for her request.  After 3+ hours and lots of driving down dead end roads, I was given a lead to a location just 5 miles away from my home!  

After setting up an appointment with the owner, and getting a great tour, Camp Horseshoe turned out to be the perfect location for outdoor photo sessions!  More info on that later...

It took a great bit of coordination to schedule Jackie's daughter's being home from school to make the photo shoot happen.  Then with only about 25 shots taken, an unforeseen accident happen with one of their puppies, stopping the session for them to rush her to the emergency vet! 

But we didn't give up - It was quite the sacrifice for Chris to allow the second part of the photo session to be completed on HIS birthday!  Now today, five months later - it's appropriate to share their story and photos on Jackie's birthday!

Thank you Chris and Jackie for giving For Keeps Sake Photography my FIRST job after moving to the Lake Murray area.  Thank you for being wonderful to work with and loving my work.  I know the canvas you purchased for your home will hang proudly for many years and may the love that is so obvious as you look at each other, continue to grow and you continue to keep our Lord in the center of your lives.  Your favorite scripture, "As for me and my house..." is perfect! Just in the short time that I spent with the two of you - it is obvious that you live this daily as you walk for the Lord our God.  What a blessed life you will have from Him.  

View other photos from this session under the Galleries tab.  

For scheduling your customized, on location setting, use the contact me tab. 


Additionally, many thanks to Camp Horseshoe for their support of For Keeps Sake Photography.  This is a great location for us to set up your session!  Also, check their facility out for your horseback riding lessons, trail rides and other equestrian events.  Their 2017 advertising cover booklet was also taken by For Keeps Sake Photography. 



A BIG Happy Birthday ~ and a Special Tour!

April 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It has been quiet a while since I have blogged here on For Keeps Sake Photography ~ I have several great sessions to catch up on!  But today I'm celebrating my Sister-in-Law's BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sharing with you a special tour.

In case you still need to get her present - anything M&M will work, for as you can see her working area is filled from floor to ceiling with her priceless M&M collection.

Lisa is the owner of THE GLASS ANGEL in Burlington NC, and today I'd like to give you a sneak peak of some of the wonderful corners of the store. This unique gift shop is a treasure stop for anyone and a huge addition to the downtown Burlington area.  Lisa is also a master Stain Glass artist, sells her work  and teaches classes in the back of her store.  Did I mention she is one amazing woman? 


nd that is just the front.... As you peep through the archway to see all the rainbow of colors of stained glass, topped by the never ending M&M collection! 

If you have visited The Glass Angel, I invite you to comment ~ and if you are traveling near Burlington, NC. I invite you to stop in to see Lisa and Dennis.  You are sure to find something unique and charming along with meeting two great people!




Pearls of Wisdom

January 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Pearls of Wisdom

always wear them with ~







for your love of the Lord shines brightly!

Scheduled your customized photo session with Pam at For Keeps Sake Photography.




Dancing in the Park with Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band - Summerfield, NC

July 14, 2015  •  2 Comments

During a recent visit to North Carolina, For Keeps Sake Photography happen upon the Saturday afternoon music in the park in Summerfield just outside Greensboro.

 The large outdoor amphitheater provided the perfect location for several hours of entertainment by BLACKWATER RHYTHM & BLUES BAND.   











































It didn't take those that love to shag very long to head to the stage area to show off their fancy foot steps.















The high energy from lead singer Kendrix Singletary rocked the park...










and the crowd clapped and moved to the grove of many of their favorite tunes.

























The red trombone filled the air with beach music, rhythm & blues

and the entertaining performers pulled the crowd out of the chairs and onto their feet.











Check out these cuties getting into the beat!










As the crowd continued to ask for more - the encore added just the right final touch for a wonderful evening of fun family time!













A huge thank you to Summerfield for bringing the Blackwater Rhythm & Blues band out to the park!

**Additional photos can be found in gallery 'Blackwater Rhythm & Blues.**